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An editorial Illustration about french country homes

An editorial Illustration about french country homes

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A couple of character models for a pixel art comic I’m working on

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Ness touched the Sound Stone to his forehead and gathered his thoughts 

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Draw a CYBER  DOG tuesday

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As part of the orientation crew at my school we make a Zine for new students.

I did some pixels of some of the Staff

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Covers for the Pre-college summer session Comics Collection

The class I’ve been a teaching assistant for is coming to a close, so we’re collecting the kids work. The cover is by a few of the TA’s

Penciled by Jack Kotz

Inked by Kyle Harabedian

Colored by Me

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I’ve been working as a teaching assistant for my school’s pre-college summer program, So I did up some pixel art of the Teacher and the other TA’s for the book of the kid’s work we’ll be putting out!

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Katie and Hazel from Seconds

Go read Seconds it’s delightful

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